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Buy car tyres online from for the cheap and quick choice. If you need any help, don´t hesitate to call us on: 0330 80 80 999.


We have cheap tyres, winter tyres , summer tyres and all season tyres and wheels and rims from all the well known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin, Hankook, Bridgestone, Nokian, Pirelli, Gislaved, Goodyear, Kumho, Dunlop, OVM, ACE, AZE, Dots, SvF, Heavy, Dezent, Enzo and Mak. If you wan´t to save up to 40% on your next tyre deal, don´t hesitate to call us for advice! Goodgrip have been pressing down the prices on tyres the last years, and are now one of the cheapest retailer in tyres online. To make our customers feel save, we have introduced some appreciated guarantees; 100% FITTING Guarantee and SATISFACTION Guarantee. All to make you as a customer feel more safe while shopping online at our store. sell car, van and 4x4 tyres from budget and all famous manufactures such as Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Hankook, Bringestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Marangoni, Nokian, Gislaved and alot more. Due to our huge amount of ordered tyres, we can lower the price for our customers. Why pay more than necessary?


If you take a fast look at a tyre, they all look the same but if take a closer look you will find a modern tyre construction. The modern construction offers a great amount of the latest technology from the manufactures.


The tyre manufactures are allways trying to invent a new, safer, better, stronger and more ECO friendly tyres.


The most common type of tyre is the Radial tyre and the first design of the tyre came 1915, and was invited by Arthur W Savage. Tyres are not just fabricated from rubber since that would be far to weak and fexible. Within the rubber are a series of plies of cord that´s used for reinforcement.


The name Radial tyre comes from the cords angle viewed from the direction of travel. In the past the fabric was built with the cords at an angle of about +60 and -60 degrees. This way the cords criss-crossed each other. This tyre was called cross-ply or bias ply tyres. Nowdays, the radial tyre lay the all the cord plies at 90 degrees to the direct of travel. This avoids the plies to rub against each other which damage the tyre alot. It´s also reduce the rolling friction alot, this allows cars with radial tyres to perform better and get a lower fuel incineration.


Winter tyres, sometimes known as snow tyres, are the smart choice for the UK motorist or car owner. Winter tyres not only provide improved handling, performance and safety on snow, slush and ice but also modern rubber compound technology and advances in tread pattern design with deep treads, grooves and sipes provides higher levels of performance and road safety on cold and damp road surfaces too. UK weather in the autumn is often cold and damp and safe motoring is enhanced with winter tyres.


Winter tyres that are suitable for UK driving and are legal on British roads are known as European friction tyres and are not studded. They are commonly used in central Europe in late Autumn, Winter and early Spring. They work well in the cold and wet months and also when the snow is covered in hard packed snow, loosed fresh snow, slush and ice. When the snow plough cannot get to your drive you can still keep moving and complete your journey with confidence and safety. Grit and salt are often used on British roads and motorways and many drivers and car owners choose to equip their car with snow chains or snow socks but nothing is as effective as winter tyres. You can save up to 50% when buying your rims, aluwheels at! We have a100% fitting guarantee to make the shopping fun and safe. We got a fast delivery on rims in Europe, and our customer service are experts on all kind of rims. Call them today and get a fast answer if your wondering anything. We sell all different rims from famous manufactures such as: Oz, Enkei, Breyton, Carlsson, TSW, Nitro König, Incabus, Mangels, Outlaw, Oxigin, Oxxo, PDW, Rial, SvF, TSR, TSW, Ultra Dynamics, Wolfrrace, Xtreme, Zero, Zito, Dotz, Aez, Ace, OVM and alot more. Complete wheels is the way that we refer to a tyre that is already mounted on a wheel or rim. When buying winter tyres you have two main choices; you can take your current tyres, summer tyres, off your wheels and have new winter tyres fitted on to these wheels or you can buy have two sets of wheels to go with your two sets of tyres. So what are the advantages of buying a complete wheel? Although it may represent a little more investment it will be cheaper each time you change from winter to summer tyres and back again.


Also, the winter months can take their toll on alloy wheels and it means your summer wheels stay in good condition. You can change your wheels over from winter to summer yourself if you have a complete wheel. What kind of complete wheel should I get? The tow options are either a complete wheel with a steel rim or a complete wheel with an alloy rim.


The steel rim is cheaper, less affected by the winter weather but not as attractive. They are usually used with a hub cap and come in a plain black colour. Alloy rims are much more attractive and suited to the car owner who places an importance on the car looking good. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels and allow for a greater wheel diameter and lower profile tyre which can be attractive to many car owners. Alloy wheels can improve the look of your car and add to its value. How do I buy a complete wheel? You simply enter your car details and we will show you all the tyres that would be appropriate with our 100% fitting guarantee then you select from the wheel rim options we present. Before the complete wheel leaves our warehouse we will mount the tyre on the wheel and ensure that it correctly balanced. You complete wheel will be delivered ready to be fitted to your car.


Soon it will be even easier to choose and buy tyres from This year the EU are introducing a Tyre Label that must be displayed on all Tyres for sale allowing the consumer to better understand their safety and environmental performance and objectively compare products. The EU Tyre Label will clearly show the tyre’s rating for Rolling Resistance, Braking and Noise and customers will be able to compare the performance of all our products against these and other criteria. The EU Tyre Label become compulsory from November 2012 and will be of great benefit to those wishing to compare tyres and feel more confident in their purchase. You can read more about the EU Tyre Label here.


Complete wheels can be fitted to your car either at your home or if you prefer more assistance you can choose to have them delivered directly to a local Fitting Centre in your area where they will fit them for you. You can store your complete wheels at your own home or in your garage or arrange to have them stored at one of our local fitting centres if they provide the service.


You can save 40% when you buy tyres - Compare us with the big high street chains! sells products from all major suppliers of tyres, rims, wheels, summer tyres and winter tyres: Nokian tyres, Goodyear, Hankook, Continental, Dunlop, Kumho, Michelin, Gislaved, Pirelli .. and of course lower price brands: Duro, Nankang, etc. is the right choice if you want to buy tyres in your town. Our best tyre shop is not far from you….in each part of the country we have a tyre shop .. We have local Fitting Centres in England and in places around Britain and they are all ready to change your tyres! If you are looking for tyres, rims, wheels, summer or winter in the UK the best choice is to come to us - we fit your tyres where you want! have over 100,000 satisfied customers across Europe, and we have a world class customer service that is always ready to help you with your questions. We can supply tyres in where ever you need to a tyre fitting shop days after ordering, and if you are early, sometimes with same day delivery! In each location we have selected the best local tyre shop that is available, and usually more - and we are confident each tyre center will assure the quality of their service. You select the product (whether it´s tyres, rims, wheels, summer or winter), make an appointment and pay for it all - all in one place! It´s as convenient as it gets!

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