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Rims - Alu wheels

There is two kind of rims (wheels), steel wheels and light steel wheels. The light steel wheel is also known as alu wheels or aluminium rims.
Steel wheels are the most common type, but it ain´t got any benefits on the look of the car.
The light steel wheels are being more and more popular for every day that pass, due to it´s benefits when it comes to make a car look better, faster, modern, streetcar likely.
The light steel wheels got some other benefits sinse the wheel is so light and got a stronger structure. THe light steel wheel are being installed as an original product on many cars nowadays.


The rims offset

The rims offset dimension shows how long in or out the rims are placed compared to the tyre.
It´s important to have the correct offset, if not the rim risk to get damaged in different ways.


Bolt circle

Boltcircles size can be meassured in two ways: How many bolt holes is it in the rim and which diameter the rim is.
Boltcircle are named like: 4x110, which means 4 bolts with 110mm in circlediameter.
Circlediameter is meassured between two bolts meassured over the centre boer.
All cars got a different boltcircle size, which means that some rims doesn´t fit all cars. 
When ordering rims at your allways getting a boltcircle that fits your car.

The five bolt rims should be measured like this:
Measure the whole bolt holes diameter = A
Measure from the bolt hole edge to the centre bore edge = B
Multiply the B-measure with 2
Measure the centre bores diameter = C

The bolt circle diameter = A + Bx2 + C
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